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如果您想聽到更多的故事,在 雲劇場台灣CloudTheatre Taiwan 就可以找到我們喔。

Wind is visible, only when it blow over will you feel its existence. Just like Hakka in Taiwan, you cannot recognize who is Hakka from appearance until hearing them speak their mother tongue.

If you are also Hakka, you will soon be connected by speaking the same language.

"Hear the Wind Sing" is a whole Hakka speaking online performance, shooting in Taipei Hakka Culture Park, a beautiful park in the golden area of Taipei City.

The performance is showing the green and cozy space with tea trees, rice field and veggies, to lead audience feel the natural environment and show the traditional life of early Hakka people online.

Now, let's hear the stories of Hakka youth who move to Taipei from hometown and how do they consider their Hakka identity.


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